About Us

The honest truth is we have all been robbed by something.  Whether or not you would like to agree or admit to it we are : Raised By Thieves.

Raised By Thieves was founded with the nature of living life as you wouldn't on a daily basis. Our brand Raised By Thieves came from the term "As Thick As Thieves". While a lot of people think it's the act of violence of physical stealing from someone. It rather refers to our Brotherhood. We consider everyone who shops with us apart of our Brotherhood.

A Brotherhood that always sticks together no matter what the consequences. A union within a clothing brand. Our mission is to expand that brotherhood to all our consumers, as well as provide them with the most quality style, cut, and quality we can offer to everyone who shops with us. It's more than a Clothing Brand. It's a lifestyle that we live and are here to spread, We Are The Future.

Each year 5% of our Annual Earnings are Donated to Cancer Research.